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At iTalk, we believe that strong leadership is the cornerstone of our success. Our team of visionary leaders combines expertise, innovation, and a deep commitment to driving the future of customer experience (CX). Meet the individuals at the helm, guiding iTalk on its mission to revolutionise business through customer engagement.

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aden lahoud


With a career steeped in technology and innovation, Aden Lahoud is the driving force behind iTalk. His foresight in recognising the potential of CX in transforming businesses has shaped iTalk's journey from an IT solutions provider to a CX pioneer. Under his leadership, iTalk has grown into a formidable player in the technology sector, renowned for its forward-thinking approach and customer-centric solutions.

jarryd lahoud


Jarryd has been leading the company since January 2017. With over seven years at the helm, he has significantly contributed to the company's growth and success in Randburg, Gauteng, South Africa. Under Jarryd's guidance, iTalk Call Centre Solutions has flourished, reflecting his deep understanding of business strategy and customer-focused approach. His leadership continues to drive the company towards innovative heights, making significant strides in the world of customer experience solutions.

leadership philosophy

With extensive experience and expertise, we are committed to delivering solutions that will make you more profitable and successful in your core business. We offer a wide range of services that fit different business requirements from a contact centre perspective. We guide, advise, and manage your requirements using our skills and experience.

South Africa is the gateway to Africa; all the resources and tools required to launch a successful operation in any country north of South Africa can be provided quickly and easily. iTalk has completed many projects across the African continent, so you can trust us to deliver a quality service/solution.

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Diverse Expertise for Holistic Solutions

iTalk's leadership team brings together a diverse range of expertise from various industries. This multidisciplinary approach ensures that our solutions are not only technologically advanced but also strategically sound and tailored to meet the unique needs of different sectors.

Social Responsibility at the Core

At iTalk, leadership also means a commitment to social responsibility. Our leaders are passionate about creating positive change, not only within the company but also in the communities we serve. This ethos is reflected in our business practices and corporate culture, where every success contributes to the greater good.

Commitment to Growth and Development

We understand that the growth of our company is deeply intertwined with the development of our team. Our leaders are dedicated to nurturing talent, encouraging continuous learning, and creating opportunities for professional advancement.

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Meet our leaders

Discover more about the individuals leading iTalk into the future. Each leader brings a unique perspective and set of skills, driving innovation and excellence across our operations.

Under the leadership of our industry experts, iTalk thrives on agility and in-house expertise. This enables us to actively customise our software and business solutions, ensuring they are not only relevant but also precisely tailored to each client's unique needs. Our leaders champion a culture where bespoke solutions are the norm, moving away from off-the-shelf offerings to provide services that truly resonate with each client.


Chief Operations Officer
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Bradley Govender, iTalk's Chief Operations Officer, brings a dynamic blend of strategic and operational excellence to the team. With his BSc in IT and an MBA, Bradley's expertise in the BPO industry has been instrumental in driving growth and efficiency. His leadership philosophy focuses on integrating people, processes, and technology, ensuring operational effectiveness and client satisfaction. Bradley's commitment to innovation and his client-centric approach make him a key driver in iTalk's continued success and operational excellence.


Executive: Quality
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Bafana Nkuna, with over 20 years in the call center industry, is a master of quality assurance. His journey through various customer service and operational roles has equipped him with a deep understanding of delivering top-notch customer support. Bafana's leadership is marked by a commitment to continuous improvement, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction and contributing to the organization's growth from its early days.


Chief Information Officer - iTalk
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Danton Lahoud, with his diverse experience in quantity surveying and construction, now leads iTalk's technology function as Chief Information Officer. His shift to IT has brought a fresh perspective to system development, enhancing business operations. Under Danton's leadership, iTalk's IT department has become a hub of innovation, ensuring the company's systems align with evolving business and client needs.


Chief People Officer
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Charmaine Kobrowisky is a seasoned executive in Human Resources and Human Capital, with a rich background in leadership coaching, organizational design, talent development, and performance management. As an ICF-accredited Executive & Business Coach and a Qualified Time to Think™ Consultant, she excels in aligning employees with organizational goals and culture. Her leadership and interpersonal skills have been instrumental in creating empowering and collaborative workplace cultures, driving both individual and organizational success.


Chief Financial Officer - iTalk
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Ryan Polakow stands as a beacon of financial expertise at iTalk. As a Chartered Accountant, his deep knowledge of accounting, taxation, financial analysis, and risk management is invaluable. Ryan's leadership skills shine as he steers his finance team towards optimizing performance and boosting profitability. His commitment to employing his extensive financial, entrepreneurial, and business acumen ensures iTalk consistently achieves exceptional results.


Executive iTalk2U
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We are a team of professionals with extensive experience in Sales, Collections, Data Management, CX, IT Services, Support, Project Management and Quality Assurance.

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