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At iTalk, we pride ourselves on our versatile expertise across a range of industries, delivering exceptional customer experience and business process outsourcing solutions. Our tailored approach ensures that each sector we serve benefits from our in-depth understanding and customised service offerings.

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Our expertise across these diverse industries demonstrates iTalk's commitment to delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each sector, driving success and enhancing customer experiences.

iTalk crafts tailored solutions that guide your customers from their first interaction to ongoing support. Our services are your one-stop shop for an exceptional Customer Experience, designed just for your business needs.



Financial Services


Healthcare Services

Debt Management



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Security - Home and Business Solutions

Our team are fully equipped to manage the end-to-end process for local and international customers to procure home and business security solutions. We can assist the customer make the right choice for their specific security needs and design the ideal placement of the devices within residential and commercial premises which then gets handed over to the installation team for implementation.

Ticketing Services

iTalk's comprehensive ticketing platform facilitates the purchase of various tickets, encompassing:

Event Ticketing
Bus Ticket Sales
Season Ticket Sales
Airline Ticketing
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As a prominent partner to major South African telecom networks, we specialise in new customer acquisitions, cross-selling, and upselling. Our expertise extends to tracking delivery and activation, ensuring a flawless client experience. We also provide tailored value-added services like device protection.

Customer Journey & Interaction Points
Initial Sales Interactions
Customer Retention
Customer Reacquisition
Exhaustive Omni-Channel Approach
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Financial Services

Consumer Credit

Our skilled agents adeptly manage customer applications, offering instant credit assessments and a range of financial services including retail store cards, loans, and banking credit facilities.


In partnership with major banks, iTalk excels in acquiring new customers and enhancing existing relationships through upselling and cross-selling banking products. Our comprehensive services extend from loan processing to fraud detection, ensuring secure and personalised banking experiences. We have expertise across card, credit, short term and long-term facilities. We are also equipped to provide customers with ancillary services such as credit limit increases and rehabilitation of dormant accounts.


BPO and CX services in fintech is still in its infancy. We are one of the first in South Africa to offer telephonic new acquisition services for cross border payments. Our team are trained to inspire trust and emphasise the security features built into our partners’ processes.

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Our BPO and CX offering for the insurance industry is unparalleled South African market. We have built expertise in house to offer a complete solution for Short Term and Long-Term insurance. All our agents and managers operate under the supervision of qualified RE5, and FAIS accredited leaders and key individuals. We have consulted extensively with insurers to assist with building of insurance payment collection strategies and are experts in realising the alternate distribution ambitions of our clients.

Building Contents and Car Insurance
Medical Insurance
Life Insurance
Legal Cover
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In the critical sector of healthcare, iTalk provides medical-focused CX solutions that prioritise patient care and streamline administrative processes. We are able to fully integrate into practice management suites to provide BPO and CX services to medical customers. This includes new acquisition, client retention and appointment scheduling on behalf of medical professionals.

Streamlined Healthcare Operations
Tailored Services for Operational Efficiency
Exceptional Customer Experience Delivery
Real-Time Communication Platform
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We provide  South Africa’s leading debt management company with suitable candidates who are looking for a sustainable debt management solution. Our agents are trained to assist customers struggling with debt to take the first step toward managing their debt.

In addition, we offer debt collection services by using our bespoke platform to assist our clients with collections and recoveries from customers across the credit lifecycle – predelinquent, early stage and late stage.

Customized Debt Solutions
Effective Debt Reduction Strategies
Real-Time Account Updates
Transparent Debt Management Practices
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We are experts in lifestyle and discounts programme new customer acquisition. Our agents are trained to sell on value and features. Through our various clients we offer value added services, car and home protection services, technology services and various dining benefits.

We also offer international concierge services which include customer care, virtual PA services and messaging services.

Customised Customer-Centric Approach
Comprehensive Journey Service
Data-Driven Customer Experience (CX)
Scalable and Flexible
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iTalk's BPO solutions embody flexibility and efficiency, empowering businesses to navigate complex processes with ease. Our comprehensive suite of services includes customer service, sales support, back-office operations, and more. By leveraging our global talent pool and state-of-the-art technology, we ensure that your operations are agile, allowing you to respond swiftly to market changes while maintaining operational excellence.

Bespoke Business Processes
Adapting to Digital Economy Changes
Scalable and Secure Customer Engagement
Seamless Team Extension


We are a team of professionals with extensive experience in Sales, Collections, Data Management, CX, IT Services, Support, Project Management and Quality Assurance.

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