Why italk cx?

The Leaders of iTalk, a leader in CX outsourcing

The expertise behind cx outsourcing

As leaders in outsourced contact centre management, IP telephony, and innovative consultancy services, iTalk is a beacon of excellence.

Our collaborations span across various sectors, including insurance, banking, and telecommunications. By streamlining non-core processes, we help organisations shift their focus to what truly matters: their core competencies.

partnerships built on trust

At iTalk, our clients are more than just business associates; they're partners. Our dedicated approach ensures a deep understanding of your business, enabling us to provide recommendations tailored to boost your efficiency and market competitiveness.

a global name in service delivery

Catering to prestigious corporations worldwide, we pride ourselves on our expertise in both inbound and outbound contact centre solutions. Our association with a JSE-listed company enhances our credibility, bringing unparalleled expertise and resources to the table.

cx solutions that transform businesses

Stay ahead of operational challenges by trusting us with the intricacies. From training and recruitment to sales and collections management, we refine these facets so you can focus on defining your business excellence.

Why partner with us

With iTalk, you're not just outsourcing - you're partnering with a catalyst for change. We bring the following to the table:

Proprietary Technology

We aim to be your first choice for outsourcing, underpinned by our technological excellence and a dedicated workforce.

Global Scale

Capability to serve both local and international clients.


Superior services that optimise your ROI.

Talent Pool

Highly skilled workforce trained to exceed expectations.

what makes us unique

For every seat an international company gives us, we create a job in forgotten communities.


We are a team of professionals with extensive experience in Sales, Collections, Data Management, CX, IT Services, Support, Project Management and Quality Assurance.

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